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We focus to resolve lack of credit access to help employed and self-employed people meet their daily needs seamlessly.

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Timely repayment increases your credit limit and allows you to apply for higher amounts in the future
Build a positive credit history
10 minutes once and for all future loans
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When your application is approved, you will receive money on your M-Pesa
Receive money on your M-Pesa
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With “Patron Loans" you can get it in Kenya today! Forget about the lack of money to develop your business, pay for studies or buy expensive things. Forget not having enough cash in emergency situations, because with “Patron Loans" you will always have money for all the necessary expenses!
By joining our online lending platform, you will appreciate the following:
To receive quick cash, only M-PESA is needed, and the payday loan is credited after the approval on the app.
To receive quick cash, only M-PESA is needed, and the payday loan is credited after the approval on the app.
You can get easy money at any time of the day or night instantly, whenever and wherever you need it, even today, this minute, right now.
You can repay the payday loan anytime at your own discretion. There is no fixed installment plan.
Such fast online lending is available to you throughout Kenya.
We do not require you to provide collateral, just take an advance without any conditions.
We only use our online app and your mobile phone to process your request on a payday loan.
We do not require and do not check any credit or financial reports for you to borrow money.


“Patron Loans" — getting a quick loan!

We provide personal loans to users in Kenya responsibly and promptly to help them overcome unplanned financial hardships.
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Our numbers

Approved applications
Loans issued
30000 +
Registrations per day
1000 +
Applications per hour
100 +
We value our reputation as a reliable lender and operate in accordance with the legal regulations of the Kenyan state system.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Our support team is trying to ensure that every question you have is not left unanswered.
How is interest calculated on a loan?
APR: from 365% to 1460%.
Example: If the loan amount is Ksh 5,000, the loan term is 61 days, and the interest rate is 1% per day (APR 365%). The interest payment would be KSh 3100. The total amount payable will be KSh 5,000 + KSh 3100 = KSh 8100.
How much loan is possible?
Loan Term: the shortest term is 60 days, the longest is 90 days.
    What is the loan term?
    Loan Amount: KSh 500 - KSh 7,000.

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